L'astérisk Living Code 

This space is based on consent, respect, non-judgement, self-determination, and harm-reduction.

  • Consent: Permission that is given freely (without being forced) and based on as much relevant information as possible. Consent can also be taken back or changed at any time. If you unsure if something is okay with someone, ask!

  • Respect: Recognition of everyone’s personhood and commitment to maintaining everyone’s dignity. This includes refraining from knowingly doing or saying harmful things and doing one’s best to be accountable if one unknowingly does or says harmful things. 

  • Non-judgement: Remember that everybody is best placed to make their own decisions. Just because someone else’s decision is not the same you would make for yourself, does not mean it’s a “bad” or “wrong” decision. 

  • Self-determination: Each person decides what is best for themselves as best as they are able to do so.

  • Harm-reduction: We want to meet you where you’re at! Through providing youth with information and a non-judgemental space, we hope to support your autonomy and increase your capacity to make the most clarified, informed decision possible regarding your own lives, well-being, and safety.